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Ontario Web Design

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Located in Ontario; our primary business is designing desktop web sites and mobile websites with extremely powerful search engine optimization skills (SEO). We are enjoying our 19th year in business and are proud to be one of the first web design firms in Ontario. Over the years we have become a "one stop & shop" multimedia marketing provider with many services such as:

  • Industrial, Commercial & Lodge Web Design
  • Mobile Website Design
  • Internet Marketing for lodges
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 3D animation & 3D graphics
  • Custom Lake Maps for Lodges
  • Graphic Design for Print & Web
  • Custom Server Programming in PERL for LINUX & UNIX
  • Custom Database Development & Web-based apps
  • Social Media Plug-ins & Marketing Advice

    iMarket® is highly skilled, extremly creative and brings you solutions far exceeding your expectations while remaining surprisingly cost effective. Our team members design visibly pleasing and creative desktop web sites, which are mobile friendly, have strong marketability and enjoy a powerful presence in all the major search engines. Mobile website design, specifically web sites designed for tiny screens on smart phones, tablets and micro-laptops, is part of our portfolio of skills. We design web sites for companies all over Ontario, Canada and America with most of our web design customers being located in Ontario.

    We have extensive experience designing web sites for many industrial and commercial companies with obvious sales clusters in the machine tool industry, transportation industry, real-estate property management, mortgage brokers, and the television and tourism industry. The tourism industry is a definite specialty of ours; namely Ontario fishing lodges and wilderness outfitters. The tourism industry is one of the most competitive on the Internet, which has forced iMarket® to become experts at designing web sites that generate high organic search engine traffic.

    We do accept industrial and commercial web design jobs of all kinds but our main specialty is the tourism industry. Most of our commercial and industrial web design customers are in Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville with most of our lodge customers being located right across Northern Ontario. At present we have designed and manage the web site for over 180 lodges in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Texas and Illinois. iMarket® also has a large Ontario outdoor fishing and hunting network. Listings for our lodge web design customers are free or we charge a fee to other lodges that just want to advertise. The purpose of iMarket's outdoor network is to drive target-rich traffic to our customer's web sites.

    If you are looking for a cost effective Ontario web design firm with skills and experience, consider asking iMarket® for a free estimate.

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    Gary Skrzek - President

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    2013 News: Google, Bing and Yahoo, in an effort to eliminate links farmers, spammers and deceiving tricks from unethical webmasters, have greatly changed their search algorithms to bring the Internet back to what it was originally designed for, which is a research medium. Through research, trial and error and watching traffic trends from the over 200 websites we manage; iMarket is right on top of things and making perfectly compliant websites. Combining this knowledge with our marketing experience, we are confident that there are very few web designers that can compete with our web sites. Never before has the statement "Knowledge is Power" been truer.

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