Internet Programming & Application Development

Services: Custom Intranet & Internet Server Programming on LINUX & UNIX, Custom Desktop Application Development and installing UNIX web servers and configuring Apache.

Examples of Big Jobs:

First Example: The job involved taking an old in-house PERL application used by departments within a university and upgrading the code to new standards and adding functionality to the program. Benefits included a 20% increase in speed, adding fields in the database to better fit a new business model and finally, Tyler migrated the ecommerce module in the program to a more secure and cost effective solution.

After this was complete, phase two of the job proceeded. The university departments needed web login pages that gave the students access to important documents and resources more efficiently. Students can now receive information from remote access and outside of regular business hours. The benefit of this was the university staff received 90% fewer calls from students and the staff no longer needed to manually email documents to students. It's all delivered automatically, which freed thousands of work hours for the staff to accomplish other tasks. The staff and students now enjoyed more e-commerce options, with debit now available, instead of just major credit cards.

Second Example: Another example is coding a custom high-security content management system for a financial brokerage firm. It allowed staff to browse pages of their website like anyone but edit functions became available. Content can be edited with a word processor built into the webpage or they can upload their Excel reports online and the tables were automatically formatted to proper HTML pages. The benefit of this new content management system was it allowed any staff member (with a login) to edit sections of their page directly instead of the old process of emailing changes to web masters.

We gladly accept small modular projects or large software development full life-cycle projects. If you would like more details please email Tyler directly.

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