Ontario Mobile Website Design:

We design web sites specifically for mobile devices.

Do you need a Mobile Website?
If you have a website that is getting high amounts of traffic and is producing good amounts of inquires and sales then leave it alone. This is when you help your customers get better access to your information through their mobile devices by designing a small secondary mobile website, which just displayed critical information that people commonly go to your website to get. In some cases a pre-existing website can be made mobile friendly or at least more mobile friendly.

If your main website is dead in the water and not doing anything then you might as well design a new website and make it 100% mobile. Click Here to see a large website that is 100% mobile.

Mobile Website Construction:
There are so many devices on the market and they are all different sizes. You have smart phones, tablets and micro-laptops to name a few. Anybody can make a thin web site that looks bigger on a small screen but the real secret to a professional mobile web site is to make a web site with graphics that stretch and shrink with multiple screen sizes, screen resolutions and window sizes. If you take a look at www.boois.com/mobile/ and play around with your window size you will see the graphics automatically resize themselves to be full screen without the user having to make adjustments to their device.

Mobile Website Compatibility:
Mobile devices have smaller operating systems than desktop computers and come with a bare minimum of functionality. For many features we take for granted on a desktop computer, the mobile user needs to buy apps. You cannot expect people to buy apps just to view your web site. With this in mind the web site has to be built as simple as possible. It's best not to use Flash or Java Applets and to keep CSS simple. It's best to keep the mobile design straight forward but at the same time the web site still has to look really sharp.

Behavior of Mobile Hand Held Device Users:
The following is just a suggestion. 90% of the time when someone using a mobile device goes to a web site they are on-the-go and looking for quick information such as a phone number, email, address or a quick confirmation of products and services. Extreme product details should be left for your regular web site. There are exceptions such as web sites that cater specifically to mobile products. They will need to incorporate more sophisticated technology. For the average small business your contact information and information on your most important products and services is all you need. You can still embed code from cloud-based companies if you require their service on your web site. An example is embedding different Facebook apps and links.

Below are two examples featuring automatically expanding menu buttons and then a second with a CSS drop-down menu specifically designed for mobile websites.

  Murray Lake Cottages:
This mobile website features automatically expanding graphic including the menu items. You can scroll down with your fingers and a double-tap activates the menu item. This mobile website gives an introduction to their services as well as all their contact information. visit mobile website

  7 Lakes Wilderness Camps:
This mobile website features an automatically expanding header artwork graphic and photos. The menu when double-tapped opens and pushes the content farther down the screen instead of covering content. The menu can be opened and closed. This mobile website gives an introduction to their services as well as all their contact information. visit mobile website

Click Here to view all the mobile websites we have designed.

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