Ontario Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Web Hosting For Lodges & Resorts

We offer an inexpensive hosting package with a unique hosting feature for our lodge customers. Our lodge hosting server is located in Ontario and the DNS or NameServer is ns1.OntarioLodgeFishing.com. This means all the hunting and fishing lodges hosted on this server will benefit by the name of the server. It will increase the ranking and traffic of the websites hosted on the server. We only allow websites that are lodges on this server, whether they offer fishing, hunting or both.

The cost is $99 per year. If you have an unusually large website (over 200 megs) with an unusually large amount of traffic we bump the price up to $129 per year.

Web Hosting for Industrial & Commercial Websites

Please Note: We no longer make or host Wordpress or Joomla websites. Wordpress and Joomla website are especially targeted by hackers and iMarket has no control over what plug-ins the customer is using. It's the plug-in that hackers use to gain entry. Wordpress and Joomla websites get next to zero traffic anyway so we are saving you time and money.

Web Hosting Packages:
Our web hosting packages come with a fully loaded VPS Cpanel with all the tools your web designer will require including commonly used features such as email forwarding, form mail, search engine, password protected directories, spam filters, My SQL as well as a CGI Centre with a multitude of scripts and tools.

Starter Package:
100 Megs of space with 10,000 megs of monthly download bandwidth
$99 per year

Small Business Package:
500 Megs of space with 20,000 megs of monthly download bandwidth
$199 per year

Medium Business Package:
1000 Megs of Space with 30,000 megs of monthly download bandwidth
$349 per year

Enterprise Package:
2000 megs of space with 60,000 megs of monthly download bandwidth
$449 per year

Engineer's Cloud Package:
(FTP file sharing for large CAD files & other drawings) 3000 megs of space with 30 Gigs of monthly download bandwidth
$449 per year


  • Dedicated IP for your domain - $65 per year extra

    Canadian Customers add 13% HST to above rates.

    Websites participating in spamming or posting inappropriate material will be deleted right away with no refund. Here are a few guidelines:

    No using the server for mass unsolicited emails
    No purchasing of back-links for your website
    No link farming
    No porn or adult material
    No hate literature
    No webpage spamming
    No selling or promoting illegal products or services
    No misleading visitors or deception
    No cloaking Pages
    No multiple websites for the same business (Ask us for details)

    If you wish to use a newsletter service that sends out mass emails using their email server; that is fine. We recommend Constant Contact

    Please Note: If you change the passwords and user names we provide with your account to something that is easy to remember and hackers get into your website, an additional hourly fee is charged to fix any damage done.

    A hosting server with only good clean well-designed websites means higher ranking for every website on the server. The search engines are becoming extremely fanatical about this so we must also. We want our customers to do extremely well.

    Please email us if you have any questions.

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