History of iMarket

iMarket® was incorporated in 1995 and continues to be a leader in Internet solutions. We are now enjoying our 29th year in business and continue to improve our skills and expand our services.

The company was formed by Gary Skrzek and Mike Eerikainen who met as Programmer Analysis Students at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.

Gary Skrzek, President of iMarket®, graduated Business Administration (Marketing Major) and Computer Programming from Sheridan College. Gary started the business while being employed at Microsoft. When things started to get busy, Gary left Microsoft to run iMarket® full time.

Mike Eerikainen graduated Computer Programming in 1994 and while working for iMarket Mike completed Network Administration in 1996 from Sheridan College.

Our mission is to always do what is best for our customers. We can be quite tenacious when it comes to defending our customer's best interest. Clients have referred to us as their Internet watchdog. We express our opinions and concerns when we feel a customer is moving in the wrong direction. Following popular trends is commonly the wrong thing to do if a website needs to produce sales inquiries. We try our best to guide our customers down the right path with our knowledge and experience.

When iMarket® first started business in 1995 we concentrated on designing elaborate multimedia sales presentations for large companies and government. An example is Honeywell's bid for large performance contracts with the Hamilton, Halton and Toronto school boards totaling $138 Million. We designed Hamilton's bid for the World Junior Hockey Championships. We also designed multimedia CDs for corporate distribution. Times have changed and so has iMarket. We have evolved into a web development & marketing firm while networking with some highly skilled people.