Search Engine Optimization - SEO:

Internet Marketing:

The two most common mistakes businesses make with their websites is they set their website up as an advertisement and not a research document. Another common mistake is they showcase what they are proud of and not what people are looking for. This is very common in the tourism and service industries. This may be why your website is not producing results. This means you need to contact a professional Internet firm instead of responding to SEO emails from India. If someone approaches you to do SEO work then you should assume they are not qualified or they are going to scam you.

Optimization Vs. Construction:

The Internet is a research medium, not an advertising medium. Search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo designed their search algorithms based on how medical papers are organized and cross referenced in a medical library.

The secret to search engine optimization is understanding how medical papers are organized and cross referenced and then building a website based on that. That's 95% of the game. Time and time again we have people contact us asking to optimize their website, which means manipulating the embedded search strings, which are called Meta Tags. We tell them they are wasting their time and money because their website is constructed as an advertisement and not a research document. Manipulating keywords on a poorly designed website will only increase traffic in a minimal way. Don't get suckered into the $500 SEO scams from India and Nigeria. They are just robbing you!!

Things to Avoid:

Don't repeat any text from page to page
Don't double link to the same page from a page
Don't link to unrelated websites or home pages
Don't use text from other websites
Don't use small text
Don't exchange links with other websites
Try to eliminate bad back links
Most of all: Don't have multiple websites, which includes one page mini websites that are posted on other websites to promote you. In most cases these are what's called click baiting pages. They use your information, identity of your business and the good-will value of your business to trick people onto their website all the while posing to be promoting your business.

If your website is not getting much traffic then most likely it needs to be rebuilt. Ultimately, the more unique information you have on your website the more traffic you will get. Having it organized into highly subject-specific pages is how you get penetration and show up high in organic search results.